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Sites amaze

Rich graphics and responsive performance immerse you.

Without hardware acceleration, browsers only use about 10% of the processing power your PC has to offer. Internet Explorer 9 unlocks that other 90%. With Internet Explorer 9, we’re tapping into your graphics processor through Windows to harness the full potential of your PC. High-definition videos are smooth, graphics are clearer and more responsive, colors are truer, and websites are more interactive. Combined with our new JavaScript engine, the web now performs like an application installed directly on your computer.


Pinning is simple:

Just grab the tab of the site you’re on and pull it down into the taskbar.

Now you try it.

Drag one of the tabs from above.

Sites are instant

No browser puts you closer to your favorite sites.

Not only do sites load incredibly fast in Internet Explorer 9, sites can also be pinned to your taskbar for one-click access. To pin a website, just grab the tab and drag it down to your Windows 7 Taskbar!

Jump Lists

Once a site is pinned, you can right-click on the icon to get a list that directs you to particular content on the site.


Some pinned sites can also notify you that content has changed on the site, so you know immediately.



Tracking Protection helps you stay in control.

Some of the content, images, and ads that you see on websites are provided by third-party websites. While this content can be useful to both you and your favorite websites, it allows third-party websites to potentially track your behavior across multiple sites. Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 9 provides an added level of control and choice about the information that third-party websites can potentially use to track your browsing activity.

  imageTo use this feature, simply go to the Settings menu (under the gear), select Safety and then Tracking Protection. Then enable your personalized list. Once you’ve enabled a Tracking Protection List, the settings apply to all the sites you browse to and are preserved each time you begin a new browsing session. Tracking Protection stays on until you decide to turn it off.



Posted March 15, 2011 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Internet Explorer 9

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