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Data is the new oil and will be responsible for the largest transfer of wealth since the industrial revolution. Organizations that master data will lead the world. Those who don’t will wane into irrelevancy. Join Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker on an entertaining and educational romp through modern data and its history from 20 years in the past to what is happening now in the time of Big Data all the way to 20 years in the future where the data landscape will be dominated by machines. Learn about ways your organization can think about data and how to be a player in a future that is closer than anyone thinks from intelligent clouds to the internet of things to quantum computing. No piece of data is left unturned.

Keynote can be found here

As my sessions :






At the Intel Innovation stage.

My slides can be found here :


As Hans jan was the cartooning man and he made a MVP logo of the Cloud and Clustering. 



Custom logo



The new company car Winking smile


Happy clustering

Robert Smit


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