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Having solar panels and just sitting there is nice but you can play the the monitoring and extend the tooling with some RS232 or RS485 , HTTP connection but will this work in #Azure ?

IMG_20150928_085414The ā€œInternet of thingsā€ (IoT) is becoming an increasingly growing.


Internet of Things (IoT) is when the Internet and networks expand to places such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation.

So when building this I was using Azure and thought he how to extend this and this was not that hard to build but you always want more.


Building management packs for Solar panels how cool is that aggregate all the data to the SCOM and expend this to the Azure OMS


but how to do this well in this case I used a RS485 interface wireless and connect this to a VM in Azure with a port redirection


The Port redirection is used to add this on my Azure VM that is recording all my data and this VM is backuped and analyzed in Azure.


Finally the virtual comport is connected to the solaredge and in this case the sunprofit program. But Iā€™m currently building on some SCOM and OMS options.



More about this in a later Blog.