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From 12th September, the MVP led TechDays Online we will be broadcasting live from the Microsoft Campus in Reading. Building on the success of the online event in May, we will be working with our leading MVPs and Community Leaders to deliver bite-size technical sessions that offer a real-world perspective on how our technology is, and can be used by customers and partners.  The 5 day agenda is packed full of community led conversations, demonstrations and how to technical information.  We will be covering; DevOps, the Data Platform, BOTs, HoloLens, Microsoft Azure, IOT along with innovations from the team at Microsoft Research Cambridge.  

TechDays Online

This event will be taking place at the Microsoft Campus in Reading and each day will offer the following topics:

· Monday, 12 September: Explore the world of Data Platform and BOTs

· Tuesday, 13 September: DevOps in practice

· Wednesday, 14 September: A day at the Office!

· Thursday, 15 September: The inside track on Azure and UK Datacenter

· Friday, 16 September: Find out more about Artificial Intelligence


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Online Live broadcast (via Channel 9) – https://channel9.msdn.com/ https://channel9.msdn.com/


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Microsoft Techdays 2014 #techdaysnl Session Download or watch them on channel 9 @ch9

It is already three weeks ago that I was On techdays NL as ATE.  Almost all the sessions slides are online and available for download.

It was a great day lots of nice content and the place to bee to expand your network or ask in-depth questions.

Checkout all the Sessions : Techdays Sessions download  OR watch the Sessions on Channel 9 http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechDays

Microsoft Techdays 2014 #techdaysnl Session Download or watch them on channel 9 @ch9

Below are some photo’s from TechdaysNL

Microsoft Techdays 2014 #techdaysnl Session Download or watch them on channel 9 @ch9Microsoft Techdays 2014 #techdaysnl Session Download or watch them on channel 9 @ch92014-04-19 17.43.242014-04-22 11.03.38Microsoft Techdays 2014 #techdaysnl Session Download or watch them on channel 9 @ch9


#techdaysnl Recap #ATE #MVP13 Most Important Questions #MIQ

Now that the techdays are over and pictures are placed on the web and thinking about he Questions on the ATE booth.

  1. What license do I need ?
  2. Cluster Complicated ?
  3. NLB ?
  4. Quorum Usage
  5. How to manage my site

Do I need datacenter or standard edition for Hyper-v or cluster or should I use the Hyper-v server Free edition.

Download windows 2012 http://technet.microsoft.com/nl-nl/evalcenter/hh670538.aspx

Microsoft’s new SKU/licensing chart for the four editions


Two of those editions, Essentials and Foundation, don’t allow you to virtualize anything, so we’re really down to two usable versions of Windows Server 2012: Datacenter and Standard. It’s interesting to note that there are no Enterprise or Web versions anymore, but it’s clear that the world has moved almost entirely to virtualization and that there’s no need to base server editions on their applications.

Instead, both Standard and Datacenter are licensed based on the processors (plus user CALs, but that’s not new), with each license granting you the ability to run Windows on two processors. If you have a machine with four processors, you need two licenses. They also both have the exact same functionality, which is a departure from past models where Datacenter had more high availability features, caching, ADFS, multiple DFS roots, and other entitlements.

In fact, the only difference between the Standard and Datacenter versions of Windows Server 2012 is that with Standard you are only allowed to run two virtual machines in addition to the host OS, whereas with Datacenter you are entitled to run as many as you want. All of this can be found in the Windows Server 2012 Licensing & Pricing FAQ or Microsoft Volume Licensing Reference Guide published by Microsoft.



Second Questions :

Cluster/NLB / Quorum.

why use a cluster I run now hyper-v and the vm is on a CSV. Quick and live migration.  <> Yes your vm can be moved but a cluster is more. application redundancy ? <> In my next blog post I will create some real nice cluster config’s

the big question is should I use a quorum or not. Well it depends always on your configuration. but pictures say more than words. and in a next blog post I will get deep on the witness disk/quorum. ( I need a bit time to write the post )

This is a real old picture and maybe there are changes<> I will create a post on this with all the info in it.



How to manage your site, Well there are several products, Playing with the System center products would make your life easier.

Here is the link to start :


Microsoft System Center 2012 provides an integrated management platform with a robust set of capabilities. View the picture below to learn more about the capabilities of System Center 2012 and how the product components align.

System Center 2012 Capabilities and Components

Microsoft #TechDays 2013 Netherlands on March 7 & 8 #Hyperv #Cloud #TechDaysNL

Only a few day’s away Techdays 2013 Will You be there ? Come to the “Genius Bar” and lets meet.

I’m there as Ask The Expert ! #TechDaysNL 

what’s next. now.techdayslogo

7-8 maart 2013

Hét kennisevenement voor
IT-professionals en developers.

Het aftellen is begonnen!
Alle innovaties op het Microsoft platform voor developers en IT-pro’s. Twee dagen lang meer dan 160 verschillende sessies in het World Forum, Den Haag. David Chappell geeft de keynotes over moderne applicatiebouw en over de relevantie van private en public cloud. Verder sessies over Windows Store, HTML5, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Server 2012, Azure en System Center. Bekijk de complete agenda en zie wat alle toppers gaan vertellen, waaronder Ben Riga, Bryon Surace, Rob Miles, Jeff Prosise, Iris Classon, John Graddock, Bart de Smet, Maarten Goet en Ruben Spruijt. Wilt u graag zelf aan de slag? Kom dan naar onze instructor-led workshop en bouw uw Windows 8 app in 1 uur. Mis dit niet!

Ga naar de techdays site


Elk jaar nodigen we top experts uit vanuit de branche om kwalitatief hoogwaardige sessies te geven. Zowel internationale als lokale sprekers zullen je snel weer up-to-speed krijgen als het gaat om de laatste Microsoft technologiën.

Iris Classon

John Craddock

Bryon Surace
Rob Miles

Chris Jackson
Nick Harris

Vijay Tewari
Ben Riga
Gill Cleeren

Bekijk alle sprekers


TechDays 2013 biedt meer dan 160 verschillende sessie over verschillende technologiën. Neem deel en leer meer over:

  • Windows 8
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Azure
  • System Center
  • Exchange 2013
  • Office 2013
  • Windows Phone
  • En veel meer interessante onderwerpen!

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