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Windows Server Add VHD disk or boot from VHD disk #WS2012 #VHD   1 comment


Did You know that you can add a VHD disk to your windows 2008 R2 Server and /or boot from it ?

You can easy edit the VHD and reuse it in hyper-v.

So go to disk manager and right click on disk management image

You can create a new VHD. image If you use dynamic make sure you have the disk space that u needed.

I use a fixed disk with windows 7 on it. that I use in hyper-v as golden Image for my desktops.

image fill in the VHD location. image  You can make it read only if you need software install that is on a VHD, I have a VHD with all the ISO files on it that I can mount on every server if I need to install extra software or tools.

But now I use the Windows 7 VHD image now that I mounted the disk I can use it.

I need a WallPaper on the windows 7 image image

image now I can do a offline or detach vhd , If I don;t I get this error in hyper-v

image even if the disk is offline image

image You can also delete the VHD 😉

image image image

or You can boot from the VHD it is just like in windows 7   mount it and use bcdedit to change the boot string.

below are samples.

bcdedit /set {GUID} device file=[c:]\vhd\win7.vhd
bcdedit /set {GUID} osdevice file=[c:]\vhd\win7.vhd


Here are some articles and video about booting from VHD.

Inside Windows 2008 R2 Virtualization Improvements and Native VHD Support (Mark Russinovich)

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SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation

The installation of a SQL cluster is easy There is a Menu Item Create new Failover Cluster. #ws2012 #SQLsp1 #sql2012 #cluster #fail #howto

Well I don’t use this option Winking smile Why not to easy eh yes but more important is something fails like wrong IP etc the SQL install is lost , you need to deinstall the whole SQL mesh, I like the advanced version and trust me it will be easy.

OR you can loop at the technet site to see how and when:

SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation

SQL Server 2012

To install a SQL Server failover cluster, you must create and configure a failover cluster instance by running SQL Server Setup.

So how Do we start this installation. Well you can see my blog post :

This blog post covers all the screen shots but this post is more a part…

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For Creating a ISCSI target on a cluster you get a high available iscsi target.

Sure you can run this on a single server (VM ) and move this between the hyper-v nodes.

for doing this in a cluster you need to do the following steps.

Add cluster Resource ISCSI target , fill in the netbios name that you want for the iscsi target



give the target a disk that will hold the VHD files



Now that the cluster resource is created the iscsi target is ready to use.


clip_image012 clip_image014

There is no option in the cluster to start the iscsi target you have to start this in the server manager


As here you can create a new VHD file and use this for targeting , I have no groups so this needs to be created first. I use a small disk just for testing.


clip_image022 image


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Robert Smit MVP Blog

Now that Windows 2012 is here and you want to test if the OS is as good as you want and see if the application is still running on windows 2012.

In this case We build a NLB website easy with just the basic steps any one can do this.

First we add the roles and features to the servers that we are going to use for the NLB.

Select the Features “ Network Load Balancing ” only this you need for NLB




After this I look at my NIC’s most important that you use two nic’s in a VM this is easy in a physical box now days there are at least 2 nic’s in the server. use them.

I gave the Nic’s an IP that is not in the same subnet as the production lan, and also you can use a different VLAN for the NLB…

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Robert Smit MVP Blog

Now that windows 2012 is in beta we can talk almost about anything and it is time to create my demo SQL 2012 machine. In this case I uses the Windows server 8 cluster from the other blog item to create a SQL 2012 cluster with 3 instances. All of the instances are created on different ways , Instance 3 is a ZTI Winking smile  #WS2012 #TEE #TEE13 #MVP13

For starters build a 2 node cluster or more nodes if you want and use the SQL 2012 Media. I use the Enterprise version.

Remember that I create the Server Group image and my cluster image I already added the disk to my cluster mounted the SQL 2012 ISO file to the node. Ready for the Setup.

again I use a lot of pictures in this blog and I do almost everything twice just to show you how you can configure your cluster.

clip_image002 the…

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Team in windows 2012 do’s and don’ts   9 comments

Sometimes you need more network true put than you have.

But did you know you can create a Team in windows 2012 ?

In my lab I did some testing just to show you how things can be done and what do should not do. ( Remember It is all LAB )


In a Hyper-v VM you can create Up to 12 virtual network adapters per virtual machine

8 synthetic network adapters ( 10 Gb ) and 4 emulated network adapters ( 100mb )

This is the Maximum count of network adapters in a VM. This in not only in windows 2012 but also in Windows 2008R2 no changes there.

In this sample I will create a team with a 60GB network true put and one 300 Mb network adapter just because you can 😉 I could create more but I need different nic’s on my cluster.

Fire up the server manager and default the NIC Teaming is disabled To enable this click on disable and a new window will open


clip_image002[4]   clip_image004[4]

As you can see NIC teaming is no disabled , but click on disabled a new window pops up.

Form this windows we going to create a Team 

clip_image006[4]    clip_image008[4]

Here We can create a new TEAM DO NOT TRY this in your production environment This is WRONG

Did you see I added 10gb and 100 mb nic’s oh whoow 10,1 gb nic this makes no sense remember this only if this is a backup line and the nic is not active but standby. In general this is a bad Idea. but for now I do this just because you can.

I create my team and select different NIC’s


I create My team <> add to new Team

clip_image012[4] clip_image014[4]

When configuring NIC Teaming in "Switch Independent" mode, the teaming configuration will work with any Ethernet switches – even non-intelligent switches – because Windows Server 2012 handles all of the intelligence with this NIC teaming mode. No special configuration changes are necessary. You can even use this mode to team across separate switches in scenarios that require switch diversity for extra network fault tolerance.

clip_image016[4]    clip_image018[4]

Now that the team is created it shows up in a nice icon in the network adapters

clip_image019[4] The VM can hold Up to 12 virtual network adapters per virtual machine

8 synthetic network adapters

4 emulated network adapters

clip_image021[4] clip_image023[4]

Now that we have made a team ( I did Correct the mix with 100mbit and 10 gb )

 clip_image027[4] clip_image029[4] 

So now I have two teams on adapter from 300 Mb and one from 60 Gb

60 Gb I would use for CSV in my cluster Winking smile or I could use this for SQL always on


As you can see the networks shows up in my cluster so you can use them directly or you can create several virtual networks on top of this NIC team. this will be in my next blog.



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Windows Server 8 Beta Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster   Leave a comment

The link for this poster is:


Provides a visual reference for understanding key Hyper-V technologies in Windows Server 8  Beta and focuses on Hyper-V Replica, networking, virtual machine mobility (live migration), storage, failover clustering, and scalability.

Windows Server 8 Beta Hyper-V Component Architecture Poster

Here are links to previous posters:

1. Windows Server 2008 Hyper-v Component Architecture with Service Pack 1

2. Hyper-v Component Architecture

3. Windows Server 2008 R2 component posters

4. Windows Server 2008 Component Posters

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