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Now days I hardly see Windows 7 or older in the wild anymore. It’s all Windows 10 but in that I see all builds around from 1511 to the latest build. And I must say a lot is changed and it is almost hard to keep up with all the new stuff. If you are part of the Windows insiders you can already test the next version or update. this time it is just a short blog post about some handy windows 10 tricks and tips

The current Windows 10 versions can be found here


Me personally I’m a mouse fan or command line I hardly use the Windows key +   guess my left hand is to lazy but once you use the Windows key + X  or R  P L it is super handy.  and yes the most used short cut is probably ctrl+a ,ctrl+c ,ctrl+v

But did you know there is a big list there is a key for almost everything Cool

Take a look at this site for your shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows

and if you need help you can always ask someone you know did you know there is a quick assist option in Windows 10


Quick assist is a simple tool to view the screen and help the other and view the issue they have



So how to start with this in the windows menu type quick or assist you will see the app.

windows quick assist

When opening there are two options give or receive support.


windows quick assist

So contact the person that will help you and he need to open quick assist and  open  assist another person


The assiter need to login with a microsoft passport.

The number is for the receiver.

windows quick assistwindows quick assist


On the helper sider there is a question view or full access ?

windows quick assist When approved the show can start windows quick assist


below an overview on helper and receiver.

windows quick assist

Closing the quick assist program will disconnect the session or press stop.

Quick tool no install needed and super handy  and the above steps are just showing the connection but if you have a high secure desktop you might need some extra settings.






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