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You all know how to setup a DHCP Server it is easy , start,run,appwiz.cpl,add components,network services<> ADD DHCP.

Well it is almost the same but than different.

Ok I have a 3 node cluster and a DC running. I made a ISCSI target and published it to the cluster as free space.

So here is my cluster Windows 2008 R2

 image  What We need for the DHCP is a disk


I created a 5 Gb ISCSI disk and added this to my cluster.

So the first step we do is add the dhcp role to the cluster .start the server Manager to add the role

image you have to do this on every node !

Now start the cluadmin.msc and under services and applications right click <> configure a Service or application



Select the DHCP Role and as you can see my node 3 does not have the DHCP Role, I decide to ignore this error ! to get errors for troubleshooting later !

image So we need a name this will be the cluster group name and an IP

image Next is select the Disk for this resource. I used the 5 Gb disk

In the beginning we had this error no dhcp on node 3. if you missed this the next screen can’t be missed


To bad this error is also in yellow. So I have a failure but it is no show stopper.

image The Cluster Resources and IP image image Right click on the resource you can see all the options, I choose Manage DHCP

image the nice thing about this is it is a cluster resource single point of configuration one console to set all. I created my scope just like in NT 😉 in the properties there are new Tabs

image  image there is a new configure button name protection This feature supports prevention of name squatting issues caused due to non-Windows OS machines. Using this feature one could prevent registration of non-Windows OS machine with a same name that is already registered for another machine in DNS Server.

image image You can use Network Access Protection with DHCP to enforce health policies, which can help protect a network against the spread of viruses, worms, and malicious software (malware).

image there is now a filter who can receive a DHCP IP image

there is the collision detection works if you have multiple DHCP servers with the same scope.

One this that is important is the credentials to register the IP in the DNS if you are running a secure DNS

image So now that the DHCP server is up and running on node 1 I move this resource to node 3

image as you can see DHCP server failed , remember I did not install DHCP on node 3

image image image image image image image I added a time server and move the resource back to node 1


Next time we do WINS / DFS



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Posted August 26, 2009 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Windows Clustering

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