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So finally today ends the windows XP version. But will it end or are you ignoring the fact that you are running a OS that is more than 10 years old.

And still you want the latest version of your phone with the latest updates, and your tablet is also running the latest version. But your PC is Old and is holding all your email and bank accounts so no problem if the pc is full of malware or other extra software.

originalSo what to do ?  Should I turn it off or upgrade the machine or push the machine thru a shredder.


Well option 3 is the best choice. There is no upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 only fresh installs are possible.

Probably your machine is at least 6 years old and there are no drivers for your machine. and the fresh install and patching will take a day.

average engineer will cost 500 euro a day so running a old machine is not the best way.

Buy a new machine directly with windows 8 or after today 8.1 Update 1 http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/windowsexperience/archive/2014/04/02/windows-8-1-update-important-refinements-to-the-windows-experience.aspx

Or do nothing and wait for the first hacker and your machine will be joined to the largest botnet with all other XP machines Winking smile but this could be fun remember all the software hacks for Windows 95 , open your CD drive of switch the mouse buttons or send a BSOD while you are on line and chatting with me Winking smile 




SO buy a new device not for yourself but for me , so that I do not get all the spam from the open internet machine collective.

Any image


Thanks for not using XP anymore.

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Book Review Learning Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control #winserv #BYOD @packtpub   Leave a comment

Recently I had the opportunity to read another Packt Publishing book about Dynamic Access Control.

This book is a bit off topic from my normal cluster stuff. The book is written by Jochen Nickel. The Dynamic Access Control book is not a large book. The book consists of 9 chapters which total 125 pages, but the book is all about DAC one role fully covered in a book.

If you start reading this book understanding of windows 2012 , Forefront Identity Manager & ADFS is needed. but even if you are starting with this it is a great place to start.

The learning goals of this book: ( more details http://bit.ly/1dJV1Ha )

  • Understand how Dynamic Access Control can help your organization control access to information
  • Identify and get to know the main building blocks and functionality of Dynamic Access Control
  • Create Central Access and Auditing Policies, including Transformation Policies
  • Classify information using different methods, including a deep dive into the File Classification infrastructure
  • Design and implement Rights Management integration
  • Extend your solution with third-party tools in particular for classification
  • Integrate Dynamic Access Control in SharePoint and other products
  • Discover the possibilities you get by using Dynamic Access Control for BYOD
  • Explore how other Microsoft solutions can be used as an enhancement of your solution

This book is in great detail and step by step samples, and if you a starter I suggest do take the paper book. this is easier but that is totally my opinion.

The book is one big step by step guide and even if you a starter on this that is no problem. there is a lot of explanations of the samples and great for learning. If you are working with the concept of BYOD there is a nice chapter on how to support this with work folders etc , I will not go into to much detail.

This book is a more practical book on how to do this but with explanations how to setup the DAC and the PowerShell commands and using the Claims. my favorite chapters are 8 & 9. Automation and troubleshooting, this is always a pain set it up and you have problems to get this working.

In chapter 9 there is a nice drill down on where and how to find stuff with nice details in the screenshots. as a sample finding Data quality in Active Directory is also a common problem, this is nicely explained.

I recommend this book for engineers who have the task or consider deployment/configuration of Dynamic Access Control in their environments.

The book can be found here : http://bit.ly/1dJV1Ha

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Windows Server 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2014 Cluster installation in less than 15 minutes #winserv #Rocks #movie   Leave a comment

Robert Smit [MVP]:

SQL Server 2014 now Generally Available Build your Cluster #sql

Originally posted on The Windows Server FCI Blog:

Just for the fun I recorded a movie on the installation of Windows Server 2012 R2 . I thought just a quick recording and done but as it turns out it took longer than I expected, I made a typo in the script or clicked the wrong script or forgot to clean out my netbios name. then you gona build failsafe items in the scripts and they will be shown as errors because some items are already be set and can’t set twice.

The basic Idea was record a quick movie of an unattended installation of a SQL cluster in a few minutes is this possible yes it cab be done in les than 15 minutes. installation of the OS , Cluster with full Storage validation and a two node SQL cluster based on normal disk and a two node cluster based on CSV.

Eh in 15 minutes two full…

View original 249 more words

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I got renewed as MVP for Cluster another ring on my Award . Awesome! #MVPBuzz #Winserv #news #love   Leave a comment


DSCN0539 back2

Dear Robert Smit,
Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2014 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Cluster technical communities during the past year.



I just got the confirmation that I got renewed as MVP for Cluster. Awesome!
I’m now for six years an MVP and I could not done this without you a big thanks. Did you know I’m the only Cluster MVP in the Netherlands and a failover will be to Edwin van Mierlo in Ireland


Big thanks to the community , thanks for following me, my blog post, facebook, twitter Winking smile       mvpbox




And this year will be a amazing year/Week!. A lot of rumors about Azure and windows what will be next ?  Keep following my blog.  And this week http://www.buildwindows.com/ !

If you are going to the Techdays you can visit me at the ATE booth ( ask the expert )

The 2014 MVP Global Summit is already on my agenda. Just like TechED ;-)



Congrats to all new and renewed MVP’s ! #MVPBuzz #MVPAward @MVPAward

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TechDays 2014 in het World Forum in Den Haag #TechDaysNL @TechNetNL #ATE   Leave a comment


TechDays 2014 in het World Forum in Den Haag is het jaarlijkse kennisevenement voor IT-professionals én developers. Hét evenement voor u dus. Laat u inspireren door de nieuwste technologieën én door presentaties van nationale en internationale sprekers. Een selectie:

Keynote Jeff Woolsey – How to deliver amazing experiences for your customers and end-users
Een inspirerende presentatie van Jeff Woolsey over de uitdagingen en kansen die er liggen voor IT-professionals voor zowel hun bedrijf als carrière.

Deploy Windows 8 en 8.1 workshop
Voorafgaand aan TechDays is er op 15 april een workshop speciaal over Windows 8 en 8.1 door Rhonda Layfield
.  Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013, Windows ADK, Windows Deployment Service en meer. Leer alles wat u moet weten om een geïnformeerd besluit te nemen.  

Exchange Server 2013 workshop
Voorafgaand aan TechDays is er op 15 april een workshop speciaal over Exchange Server 2013 door Scott Schnoll. Exchange Server 2013 is helemaal vernieuwd. De nieuwe architectuur verschilt van alle voorgaande versies. In deze workshop worden de verschillen uitgelegd en de nieuwe architectuur toegelicht.

TechDays pre-day: Office 365 Camp voor IT-pro’s
Hoe installeert u Office 365? Hoe migreert u uw huidige omgeving zodat u continuïteit borgt? Wat biedt Office 365 voor mogelijkheden voor u als ITPro en voor uw bedrijf? We laten het u graag zien! Daarom nodigen we u uit voor de IT Camp Office 365 op 15 april in Den Haag. Meer informatie en aanmelden.

Er is veel te doen tijdens TechDays 2014. Kom ook op 16 & 17 april naar Den Haag! Kijk voor kaarten en een volledig overzicht van het programma op http://www.techdays.nl.


Posted March 31, 2014 by Robert Smit [MVP] in TechDays

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