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End of support for #DirSync and #AzureAD Sync upgrade to #Azure AD Connect before end off 2017 #Cloud   Leave a comment

Azure AD Connect is the best way to connect your on-premises directory with Azure AD and Office 365. This is a great time to upgrade to Azure AD Connect from Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync) or Azure AD Sync as these tools are now deprecated and are no longer supported as of April 13, 2017.


The two identity synchronization tools that are deprecated were offered for single forest customers (DirSync) and for multi-forest and other advanced customers (Azure AD Sync). These older tools have been replaced with a single solution that is available for all scenarios: Azure AD Connect. It offers new functionality, feature enhancements, and support for new scenarios. To be able to continue to synchronize your on-premises identity data to Azure AD and Office 365, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Azure AD Connect. Microsoft does not guarantee these older versions to work after December 31, 2017.

Suppose you are on an old version below is the link to get the latest version

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect

  • Integrating your on-premises directories with Azure AD makes your users more productive by providing a common identity for accessing both cloud and on-premises resources. With this integration users and organizations can take advantage of the following:
    • Organizations can provide users with a common hybrid identity across on-premises or cloud-based services leveraging Windows Server Active Directory and then connecting to Azure Active Directory.
    • Administrators can provide conditional access based on application resource, device and user identity, network location and multifactor authentication.
    • Users can leverage their common identity through accounts in Azure AD to Office 365, Intune, SaaS apps and third-party applications.
    • Developers can build applications that leverage the common identity model, integrating applications into Active Directory on-premises or Azure for cloud-based applications

    Azure AD Connect makes this integration easy and simplifies the management of your on-premises and cloud identity infrastructure.

But where to find the current version of the Azure AD connect ? If we go to the management tool you can see this in the GUI

Go to the folder Microsoft Azure AD Sync





Now start the miisclient.exe and in the about there is your version number


Detailed Azure AD Connect: Version release history

If you need to upgrade you can do an in-place upgrade (Automatic upgrade)

High-level steps for upgrading from DirSync to Azure AD Connect
  1. Welcome to Azure AD Connect
  2. Analysis of current DirSync configuration
  3. Collect Azure AD global admin password
  4. Collect credentials for an enterprise admin account (only used during the installation of Azure AD Connect)
  5. Installation of Azure AD Connect
    • Uninstall DirSync (or temporarily disable it)
    • Install Azure AD Connect
    • Optionally begin synchronization

Remember Azure AD will stop accepting connections from DirSync and Azure AD Sync after December 31, 2017 Upgrade now to avoid downtime and start 2018 relaxed.



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