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If you do a lot with Azure and PowerShell you may noticed that the latest module is important. as functions may not be there or properties are not listed correctly.

There are plenty of scripts around on how to update these modules. 

With the  Get-InstalledModule you will get a list of the modules on your system


When doing get module with the –listAvailable you will see all the versions

Get-Module -Name az.* -ListAvailable


here is the powershell code Like I said before there are tons of the same scripts around on github or blog post. So don’t invent the wheel again reuse and modify to your needs

Get-Module -Name az.* -ListAvailable |
  Where-Object -Property Name -ne ‘Az.’ |
  ForEach-Object {
    $currentVersion = [Version] $_.Version
    $newVersion = [Version] (Find-Module -Name $_.Name).Version
    if ($newVersion -gt $currentVersion) {
      Write-Host -Object "Updating $_ Module from $currentVersion to $newVersion"
      Update-Module -Name $_.Name -RequiredVersion $newVersion -Force
      Uninstall-Module -Name $_.Name -RequiredVersion $currentVersion -Force

Running this can tike some time as you can see In this case I have a lot of old and new modules and these are being updated to the latest versions


When updating this I had some PowerShell windows still open and got some errors, you can also do this by hand.

For sample  – Install-Module -Name Az.Accounts -RequiredVersion 1.8.0 –Force


Hope this helps you to a better Azure PowerShell experience. 



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Posted May 27, 2020 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Azure

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