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In the past 6 months I haven’t done much with SCCM only sideways jobs but with all the new features in the Preview Branch SCCM will survive the Cloud. as it moves more and more to the cloud and integrates with it. As I build a fresh lab environment with all the latest updates and previews. As I broke my previous lab environment ( FUBAR – Fucked up beyond all repair) So Becarefull when you upgrade your machine make backup/ snapshots. Or just start over. this could be a learn full process also you may want to get things faster easier and before you know it you spend weeks on everything except on the SCCM blog post.

Well as I did take my time to write this blog post there is already a new version the 1704 for the Technical Preview Branch of System Center Configuration Manager. The installation process is the same. For more info about the 1704 build checkout the two links below,

New features in the 1704 version are:

  • Improvements to operating system deployment
  • Reload boot images with current Windows PE version
  • Configure Android apps with app configuration policies
  • Add child task sequences to a task sequence
  • Hardware inventory collects Secure Boot information

New features in the 1702 version are:

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services support – You can install a ConfigMgr site on an Azure virtual machine that is connected to Azure Active Directory Domain Services, and use the site to manage other Azure virtual machines connected to the same domain.
  • Improvements for in-console search – Based on User Voice feedback, we have added several improvements to in-console search, including searching by Object Path, preservation of search text and preservation of your decision to search sub-nodes.
  • Windows Update for Business integration – You can now implement Windows Update for Business assessment results as part of Conditional Access compliance policy conditional rules.
  • Customize high-risk deployment warning – You can now customize the Software Center warning when running a high-risk deployment, such as a task sequence to install a new operating system. The default string regarding data may not apply in scenarios like in-place upgrade.
  • Close executable files at the deadline when they would block application installation – If executable files are listed on the Install Behavior tab for a deployment type and the application is deployed to a collection as required, then a more intrusive notification experience is provided to inform the user, and the specified executable files will be closed automatically at the deadline.

This release also includes the following improvements for customers using System Center Configuration Manager connected with Microsoft Intune to manage mobile devices:

  • Non-Compliant Apps Compliance Settings – Add iOS and Android applications to a non-compliant apps rule in a compliance policy to trigger conditional access if the devices have those applications installed.
  • PFX Certificate Creation and Distribution and S/MIME Support – Admins can create and deploy PFX certificates to users.  These certificates can then be used for S/MIME encryption and decryption by devices that the user has enrolled.
  • Android for Work Support – You can now manage Android for Work devices. This enables you to enroll devices, approve and deploy apps, and configure policies for Android for Work devices.

Update 1702 for Technical Preview Branch is available in the Configuration Manager console. For new installations please use the 1610 baseline version of Configuration Manager Technical and upgrade from this.


To get the Updates go to the cloud services  and check for updates. this could take a whale.



But when the Update is arrived you can update the SCCM version. I choose for the test first and do later the Update. Just to make sure I don’t wreck the SCCM server directly. and as always in SCCM there are plenty of log files. 



As showing the Progress in the GUI you can check every step. So installing this is just easy and I did first the prereqs check and then when installing there is no point off doing the check again therefor there is a little checkbox.



As you can see I can select the options but If you can’t no problem you can do this later. just go to the Hierarchy Setting Properties, under General, check the box “Consent to use Pre-Release features“. Furthermore once you decide to use these features and enable it, you cannot undo the changes. So if you have decided to use these features, check the box, click Apply and OK. And every preview is only valid for 90 days so once updated you need to go with the updates every time.



I don’t have a preview collection everything is already test so start the installation.


The installation is taking some time so don’t worry it things are going that fast.


When opening the console again the console does his upgrade to the new version.

image  imageimage

After this the new Version is installed and ready for testing. But for this testing you may need to install some other updates than SCCM what about the ADK version for the new Windows 10 deployments ?


While upgrading do the Update from the ADK also Download Windows ADK for Windows 10 Version 1703

What’s new in ADK kits and tools

Windows Configuration Designer

Previously known as Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD), the tool for creating provisioning packages is renamed Windows Configuration Designer. Windows Configuration Designer in Windows 10, version 1703, includes several new wizards to make it easier to create provisioning packages.

And even this simple installation It has some prereq’s to to.

To see the newest unattended settings, go to Changed answer file settings for Windows 10 for desktop editions.



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