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Don’t you love it when you are running Hyper-v and you can adjust the VM en reboot your cluster and everything is redundant.

Well except the VM after a reboot of the VM it has a Yellow exclamation on Microsoft Virtual Machine

clip_image002 clip_image002[4]

So it seems the VM integration services is not there at all.  and the Update-VMVersion VMNAME –Force is not helping


So this seems like an old issue but it isn’t tried to delete the network keys in the register and no results.  BUT DON’T DO that !!


All my VM’s are running the latest patches could this be the issue ? recently there is KB3216755 which has some issues with DeDupe

Placed a snapshot back from before the updates and guess what Same issue eh.. so it is not the VM ? can it be the Hyper-v Server it self ? Patched this server before the VM’s a few days ago.  

image Ok my hyper-v server is not sleeping Winking smile

But checking the problem VM’s I see something unusual why is the VM sitting on his default memory. I use Dynamic memory and the startup memory is 512 MB yes it is low but still ?


Odd why <> well there is no network so basically the VM does nothing


changed it and this was working on 1 VM so still no solution.


the one that worked is delete the Network Adapter in the VM settings, Boot the VM <>shutdown.

Add the Nic’s and boot the VM and you are ready to go. 


Well you need to reconfig the network adapter again. but that are just a few Powershell Lines.

Hope this helps you solving your issue


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Posted January 31, 2017 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Windows Server 2016

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