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After posting my former blog I got some questions on how to deploy the Stack and where to tweak this.

Well it is easy if you know the PDT kit.

Basically if you extracted the files you will have this folder



in the MicrosoftAzureStackPOC.vhdx are all the scripts during the deployment this disk will be mounted as source So changing files you will need to mount this disk and edit the files before you do the deployment.


First let us edit the Disk types. To make sure in this example the script will work I do only a find / replace no code added. ( you can )

After mounting the disk we edit the Invoke-AzureStackDeploymentPrecheck.ps1 file


in this case I added the “ file backed Virtual” for using local VHD files.


Or change the Memory check set this to 32 GB if you want or to 8 <> Remember this is only to pass the validation changing this could fail the installation.


Or if one Nic is no option in your config.


That’s All

now in the E:\AzureStackInstaller\PoCFabricInstaller folder there is the PoCFabricSettings.xml



In this PoCFabricSettings.xml are all the settings CPU / Memory / Naming you can all change this here but remember it could fail you installation handle with care.


I must say the scripts are great but not a lot of flexibility it takes some testing just to make sure it all worked. I played on a HP blade G9 with SSD’s so running the setup doesn’t take that long but still playing with this kills the day. there is no 10 minute fix troubleshooting takes time.

checkout this forum link to support others.


Happy Stacking

Robert Smit

Twitter: @clustermvp

Cloud and Datacenter MVP ( Expertise:  High Available )

Posted February 2, 2016 by Robert Smit [MVP] in AzureStack

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3 responses to “Azure Stack deployment tweaking #azurestack #azure #deployment

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  2. hello ,

    Can you please guide me with the deployment of Azure stack on the VMWARE 6.0 virtual machine Windows 2012 R2, as i am getting difficulties to understand the process.

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