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Suppose you have a nice cluster and one day your fellow IT guys comes and say he lets move all the Cluster Resources to a specific cluster node.

This seams a normal step but wait there is more there is also a Cluster resource that needs to be moved. “The CNO object”


The Cluster Resources up and running


Always hard to find where to move the cluster resource components. but it is Labeled “Move Core Cluster Resource”  easy


But what if my IT guy can’t find this option ? mmm in a normal roll you can do “ assign to another role” this sounds ok move the CNO to another role. eh ?? why is this in there ? well it is there so let me use this option and see what happened.

So let me move this CNO to node 2.


Done het Joe I’m ready all the resources are to node 2.


All fine all the resources are over. ok let me failover to the other node. And place this back to the original place. Well this sounds easy but where are all the options.



Eh.. what ? let me reboot the server and the cluster, checking for updates…. call for help..

The Cloud IT pro comes back and looks at the CCR objects Gone but the cluster is still running and tons of Scom errors Cluster is down CNO etc

 image Ok but where are my Cluster objects ?

Let me do some PowerShell 



Oh ok all the Resources are there and up. but why can’t I move the resource back in the GUI ? well I guess Microsoft keep you away from the Cluster Core Resources maybe you will break the cluster.


Now that we have the Cluster Resource groups and cluster Groups we can move back the CNO object to the right place.

Move-ClusterResource -Cluster $clu  -Name "Cluster IP Address" -Group "Cluster Group"


The Cluster objects need to be online!! Else you get an error. just bring the resources online and try again.


So next time don’t move the CNO object to a Cluster Resource.  And this is why there are Cluster Admins Winking smile




Robert Smit

Twitter: @clustermvp

Cloud and Datacenter MVP ( Expertise:  High Available )


Posted January 25, 2016 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Windows Server 2016

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