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As an update on the previous blog post on Using Windows Storage Spaces direct with hyper converged in Microsoft Azure with Windows Server 2016

I did only test the performance on Read and not on write.


and the disk that I created are all with no host cache so we need to change this for all the 80 disk in the VM as currently I have a max of 10K write IOPS.

So there is a limit on 4 disks to set the Cache.!





With this I set on all the 5 nodes 4 disk with cache


But after some testing the results are basically the same

but the write latency’s are way to high to get optimal results that is with standard disk and with read-write cache

image But it all depends on what test dis I run and how deep it the test going. block size


After lots of runs and I got great results from the read but not much more write IOPS than 15K Only on the local D drive (SSD) I got 35K IOPS on write Winking smile

Conclusion when building Storage Spaces and you do not only need fast read but  also fast write you better create different pools and when using Azure use the local disk for write or use premium disk currently My Azure credits are gone but my next test will be same config but then with a Premium SSD disk.


Posted January 9, 2016 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Azure

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