Building #USB SOFS with Storage Spaces Direct #S2D #WS2016   3 comments

I like the option Storage Spaces. As you can use a simple disk to play with thin provisioning and show he I got a 480 TB Disk ( USB ) that is huge.

But this is no fun. I’m not saying this is Supported! play at own risk.


This is fun for demo’s but I was thinking about a fun blog post this could be it. At least to get things working.

I used my old USB disk and thought has anyone build a USB Scale-out File Server ? guess not Let me bing that for you

Playing with the New Cluster Options. as shown in an old blog post : what is new in Server 2016

But looking at just those 4 Options to Enable the Storage Spaces Direct that is no fun but what about the other options.

Storage Space Direct

With a little help of this STORAGE_BUS_TYPE enumeration on MSDN we could do Fun things with some old disks.

So enabling the options I start Building My Scaleout File Server with My USB thumbdrive Storage.


With the DASmodeEnabled and the change of the bustype the disk are online



Creating my Storage Space Direct


Storage Space Direct

Got My three disks online in my Cluster Enclosure


Created a Disk and made this disk a CSV Winking smile To bad I could not thin provisioning this disk. So a max of 700 GB is there.

Storage Space Direct

Just a screen shot of my Cluster with Storage Space Direct

Storage Space Direct

Se how Fun new technology can be play and learn.


Download Windows Server Technical Preview evaluations:

Happy clustering

Robert Smit


3 responses to “Building #USB SOFS with Storage Spaces Direct #S2D #WS2016

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  1. Could you share the commands you used to get Cluster Storage Spaces Direct to accept USB disks? I’m trying this in my lab with 3 external USB drives (per node) and they come back as ineligible DAS disks so they never get added to the Clustered storage subsystem.

    • Hi Andrew you know this is an unsupported scenario.
      What you need to do is change the disk type in the cluster option so change the dasmodebustypes in to the value 134272 however the windows server 2016 change so did the commands change as in tp2 ,3,4 the commands are different. I did not test this in tp4 so a little test and trail is in place.

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