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Within the New Version Windows Server there are a lot of new options that you can use to get your IT to the Max. On Teched there where several good Sessions that gives us a sneak preview of what is coming. A lot of control is now days by PowerShell and the GUI is no longer leading.

IF we are looking to the Storage replica this is a great feature between Servers But in the Next blogs I’ll Show you how to Extend your Cluster to the MAX. This is real cool.



With the release of the Windows Server Technical Preview, Microsoft unveiled a new feature, Storage Replica. There is a Guide a step-by-step guide to help you started.

In the Edge Show Symon interviews Claus Joergensen (Principal Program Manager) and Ned Pyle (Senior Program Manager) about replication enhancements coming in the next version of Windows Server. Claus first talks about Shared-Nothing Storage Spaces, which provides storage for a failover cluster using direct-attached storage, rather than a SAN. Next Ned talks about the new Storage Replica feature which provide a native synchronous replication solution for multi-site clusters and disaster recovery.

The interview with Claus about Shared-Nothing Storage Spaces begins at [06:45]:

  • What were the main storage design goals for this release?
  • How does a scale-out file server work?
  • How does DAS-only storage work in a failover cluster?  at [11:00]:
  • How does this solution provide higher-availability for virtual machines?
  • Where can people go to learn more about this solution?

The Most interesting part is that Claus talks about local disk in your Server and Pool them together in a Storage Space this sounds really cool. But how does it work now ? Lets find out. See my Next Blog Post.

There are some Great Guides that you can use to start with the new Stuff



As an Demo I build a Cluster and it has one node in Azure and four nodes in my private Cloud and massive traffic To Azure However this may not be Best Practice yet As products evolving the sky is the limit.

One thing is really really important and that is naming as seen in my screen shot the LOG disk and the Data Disk are twisted 😦

image   imageimage

There is also a lot off useful logging and we will need it. The Technical preview is full with undocumented options and full with options that are not there yet as shown in the Teched slides.

In the NEXT blogs I’ll show you on how to create a Hybrid Replication Cluster THIS is DEMO Only. You need Fast Internet and Fast Azure Servers but that is no problem.$$

Download Windows Server Technical Preview evaluations:


Happy clustering

Robert Smit


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