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Anjay Ajodha and Matt McGlynn are Program Manager Interns on the System Center VMM team.

They spent their summer analyzing customer pain points regarding networking in VMM and have developed a small tool that should help ease the frustration with setting up VLAN-isolated networks in VMM. To help you get started quickly with networking in VMM and to simplify the process of creating new networks, we have created a UI add-in.

An entire basic networking setup can be created with this tool that can either be applied to hosts directly or used as a generic networking object base to be modified for customization to your configuration. VMM Network Builder compresses the steps required to build a logical switch. This tool will create networks that utilize VLAN isolation and is not purposed for creating NVGRE networking configurations.

and this is to bad the creation of a NVGRE network is often not easy.

Download the VMM Network Builder tool here :

An quick installer Takes you to the next step. You need to import the Console or just run this from the installation folder.




import add in console in the settings you can pick the import console add in.


Normally you would go to the installer folder but now the .Zip is on your desktop odd place ( I was looking in the installed folder )



After the import there is an extra Icon in the title bar “ build a network “



Starting the VMM Network Builder



I already have a management Network and the VMM Network Builder won’t create a second one.


I’ll pick my creative name VMMBAD VMM Builder Address Device



Create a IP pool and a if you want a static pool.



then make a choice, I’ll pick to a host.


I pick a host for this network.


And in VMM you can see this network as created, with the vlan and the IP subnets


A lot more options are in the tool. Play with the tools and maybe it is the right thing for you.

Download the VMM Network Builder tool here :



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2 responses to “How to use VMM Network Builder #scvmm #azure #cloud #winserv #NBT

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  1. I cannot get the network builder to start. Using 2012 R2, running VMM 2012 R2 Update 9. Just sticks on connecting to VMM, even if I run directly with admin, same thing.
    Fresh install and console starts ok.
    What am I missing?

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