MAP Toolkit saturates low-bandwidth networks or causes the machine running MAP to reboot   6 comments

Source:  Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit Team Blog

MAP creates a worker thread to request information from a target machine. The number of simultaneous worker threads created is dependent on CPU and Memory availability, but MAP has a cap that prevents it from maxing out a CPU and will throttle itself if it exceeds that cap. If MAP is installed on a machine with a lot of resources, it is possible for MAP to reach the maximum thread count of 300 for 64-bit and 200 for 32-bit. However, MAP does not track how much network bandwidth it is using and, therefore, may saturate networking resources between the machine running MAP and the target computers which can lead to the symptoms mentioned in the title.

You can use the method below to throttle MAP so it uses less system and network resources. If this workaround does not solve the problem, please email us at the address provided in the support section.

1. Shutdown MAP if it is running
2. Edit the %Program Files%\Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit\bin\Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.UI.Console.exe.config file and add the following lines into the “<appSettings>” section.

<add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.DefaultMaxThreadsX86" value="52" />
<add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.DefaultMaxThreads" value="52" />
<add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.DefaultMinThreads" value="3" />
<add key="Microsoft.AssessmentPlatform.InventoryEngine.InventoryService.MaxThreadsLowerBound" value="2" />

The first two lines will set the maximum number of machines to inventory at the same time. You can adjust the maximum value up or down as needed to maximize the performance while maintaining system stability. Changing these values may increase the inventory time.
The third line sets the minimum number of threads that MAP will use, changing this value is NOT recommended.


Posted January 6, 2012 by Robert Smit [MVP] in MAP Toolkit

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6 responses to “MAP Toolkit saturates low-bandwidth networks or causes the machine running MAP to reboot

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