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Dynamic Datacenter Toolkit for Hosters allows you to create a private or public cloud offering based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V and System Center Enterprise Suite.
DDC is a collection of WCF services for provisioning and managing different Servers and Server Roles such as IIS7, FTP, DNS, File System, SQL Server 2005/2008, System Center Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Data Protection Manager and Virtual Machine Manager. It includes an ASP.Net sample application as well as a Silverlight based control panel application.
You will notice that there are several installers available for download. These installers include different parts of the samples that have been built for hosters. See the downloads link for the list of source files. All code is distributed as samples … you modify it, you own it!



If you build a portal than it is completely based on silverlight and the provisioning can be done with SCCM.

As an Sample of a hosted Cloud it could look like this. Below are samples of servers that are in a hosted cloud. And screen shots of the SQL cloud beta. ( my private Cloud Winking smile )



Server overview with perf counters  ( SCVMM )


Graphics of Perf counters.


Provisining and task sumary

Microsoft Atlanta SQL Cloud After the Setup you can bring your server to the management cloud.

image Altanta software and the Opsmgr 2007 agent will be installed on the server.

Currently my new server has issues imageimage

And there is a server list of all the servers in de cloud image and the gateway is sending the data to the management server.image Create user accounts to connect to the management siteimage


So you can easy build your own hosted sites and resell it but building it and test it takes some time but when it runs it makes fun.


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