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There is a nice Item on about Microsoft Essentials.

Source : Microsoft vs. McAfee

How effective is free antivirus software? I had a chance to see a real, in-the-wild example just this month, and the results were, to put it mildly, unexpected. The bottom line? Microsoft’s free antivirus solution found and removed a threat that two well-known paid products missed. Here are the details. [Update: After I publlished this post, a second example appeared, courtesy of a rogue commenter in the Talkback section. See the results at the end of this post.]

I’ve had Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) installed on my main working PC for most of the past year. Mostly, I use it for real-time protection. I typically disable the scheduled virus scans on my PCs and instead occasionally do a manual scan just to confirm that nothing out of the ordinary has snuck through. Last month I decided to perform a scan using the Full option. Because I have 2.5 terabytes of hard disk space, with roughly 40% of it in use, I knew the scan would take a long time. So I scheduled it to run while I was out running errands.

When I came back, here’s a snippet of what I found:

Read More on Source : Microsoft vs. McAfee


The link leads to an executable file, which I downloaded (but did not execute) on a system that was not running any antivirus software and submitted to The result? 15/43 scanning engines detected it as malware. Microsoft Security Essentials was one of them. It identified the file as TrojanDownloader:Win32/Waledac.C, which was originally included in definition file 1.63.2017.0, released on August 27, 2009. The McAfee Gateway edition identified it as a suspicious file (and thus would have blocked it). McAfee’s consumer product line did not detect the threat at all.

To its credit, Sunbelt successfully identified this threat. On the list of companies that missed it? Symantec, Avast, and TrendMicro.


Read More on Source : Microsoft vs. McAfee

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Posted November 17, 2010 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Microsoft Security Essentials

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