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For Demo and learning Sites you need often thing that takes only a minute but when you play with it it takes more time than you want.

So with this in my mind I created 3 powershell scripts that you can use for builing a cluster , NLB Cluster and a MSTDC cluster resource.

So If you want to create a MSDTC resource in your Cluster you can do this in the GUI or with a Powershell Script.

You can find the Scripts Here : Powershell Scripts

Powershell MSDTC cluster add in

First We load the powershell modules If it is a cluster you should do this on all the Cluster Nodes

Servermanagercmd -install Application-Server
Servermanagercmd -install AS-Dist-Transaction AS-Ent-Services –allSubFeatures

I Comment every line for what it does.

# Create a new HA Server Role – Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Add-ClusterServerRole -Name ServerDTC -Storage "Cluster Disk 6" -StaticAddress

Here we create the resource and chuck it to a disk and IP

# Add the MSDTC Service to the new Server Role
Get-ClusterGroup ServerDTC | Add-ClusterResource -Name MSDTC-ServerDTC -ResourceType "Distributed Transaction Coordinator"

Put in the MSDTC services.

# Create Dependencies for the DTC group
Add-ClusterResourceDependency MSDTC-ServerDTC ServerDTC
Add-ClusterResourceDependency MSDTC-ServerDTC "Cluster Disk 6"
# Start DTC group
Start-ClusterGroup ServerDTC


So Now that this is ready you can configure the MSDTC but remember the items that I mentioned in my previous blog.



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  1. If u follow the above steps:

    Role will be created with Type as “Others” in Failover cluster manger. It will not change the icon of the Role to MSDTC Icon and you will not able to see Manage MSDTC Option in the right Pane.

    In order to change the icon and display the “Manage MSDTC” option us the below mentioned commands

    $msdtc = (Get-WmiObject -Namespace root/MSCluster -Class MSCluster_ResourceGroup | Where-Object {$_.name -eq “$msdtcName”})

    $msdtcID = $msdtc.id

    New-ItemProperty Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Cluster\Groups\$msdtcID\ -Name “GroupType” -Value 103 -PropertyType “DWord”

    Siva Kumar Reddy Abbireddy
    Solution Engineer
    Tech Mahindra

    Siva Kumar Reddy Abbireddy

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