Monday D-Day at teched 2009   4 comments

Today is the first day for the most of the delegates at teched 2009 Berlin so here is a first impression of teched 2009 Berlin

there will be a teched middle east so this teched is the last EMEA teched next teched will be teched Europe !

 DSCF1319 DSCF1321 building the booth's at teched 2009 berlin building the booth's at teched 2009 berlin building the booth's at teched 2009 berlin building the booth's at teched 2009 berlin building the booth's at teched 2009 berlin


The first session was Virtualization 360: Microsoft Virtualization Strategy, Products, and Solutions for the New Economy

Kenon Owens is making an overview of all the items you come across when you do de virtualization

When You use Hyper-V then you should use CSV cluster shared volumes ( like vmotion )image

Now you can do a live migration or do a failover to a other data center. image HP give a nice demo how to use windows 2008 R2 and use SCCM,SCOM,SCVVM.  In SCOM us can use the MP from HP to manage the HP servers be aware this is not the same as using the Web tools of HP there was a demo that fails over a Exchange 2010 server to a other Datacenter.

image image 

Power management is a hot issue today ,datacenters are consuming more power and more is better but Today less power is more so the vendors are using tools to give detail info about the power consumption image

Today the hyper-T and h yper-D where sharing get on the bus T-shirts DSCF1337 DSCF1340 and they give us 7 reasons not to join tech-ed and 7 to join.

But the highlight was that Exchange 2010 is now Live

The Exchange Server 2010 bits are available for download now


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  1. Goedemoregn Robert,Ziet er allemaal er mooi uit…nice touch dat je ook aan de Duitse lezers hebt gedacht qua berichtgeving :).Je moet de huidige Heimat niet verloochenen :)Knetterdruk,Alexander

  2. je kunt ook te vergaan. maar goed het is hier knetter druk. sessies ATE, Party <> maandag maar weer utslapen

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