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If you have a cluster and thinking about how to host my printers on the cluster, wiil it be hard to do or not.

No it is easy to do.

Below is a screen shot of a print cluster, all you need is a disk for the spooler dir. IP address and a network name.

In my case I created a extra backup lan , be aware a spooler directory can be huge, think about printing a powerpoint 😉


Windows 2003 Print Cluster

So I don’t have to tell how to create a disk , IP or Network Name just follow the wizard.

But the thing is setting up the Spooler folder You setting this in the cluster as below.

But You easy forget to set this path in the printer server it self here stands something like


Print Spooler image

And do you really want to log all the spooler info ? If you have more than 800 Printers ? when did you look in this logfile ?

Yes if you have troubles but in most cases you clean the log and start all over ( IMHO ) after a brief review.

But more important is the printer creating do not create a printer on node 1 or node 2 but you must create the printer on the printer virtual network name. only than will the printer failover to the other node and you must set the spooler folder to the right location.

This post is not a complete guide for how to…. but a quick think about…. below are some microsoft links that are very helpfull


Posted March 12, 2009 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Virtualization

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