Windows 2008 Clustering HOW TO Do this Part 1   6 comments


How setup a Windows 2008 cluster, First you have to add a new feature. Go Server Manager Add Features.

image image

We select failover clustering and if there is something worng you can get a nice screen.

image  Now that we did the windows feature addon we can start with the real configuration

image image image

Start the wizzard and select the first cluster node, the server needs the netbios name and auto resolve it to FQDN.

image image image

Always do the test  you can easy see if there is a problem with your clustre configuration, if you don’t want to run all the test you can make a selection.

image      image image

I did run all the tests and as you can see it ends with a nice report.

image  image image

Now the test is success full we can start to create the first node.

image image image

Give a cluster Netbios name this is the name that holds the cluster resources, and it needs a IP ( check the DNS ! )

image image

Now that the first node is created we start to put the second node in place


image image image image image image image image

The Same steps for the second node , run the tests and get a report

 image image image

As you can see in the steps there is no Quorum drive , this is not needed anymore ;-). In the next sessions I will dive deep in the cluster management and advanced config.

Posted December 4, 2008 by Robert Smit [MVP] in Windows

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