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NEW: NetCmdlets V2.0 – BETA

NetCmdlets V2 is packed full of exciting new features including PowerShell Server (formerly PowerShell Remoting), Parameter Sets, Object Pipelining, and new Cmdlets for SSH Enabled Remoting and Amazon Web Services (S3) Integration.

Check out the new features in this release or download the beta!

Networking & Internet Technologies

Using Windows PowerShell and NetCmdlets, System Administrators can easily script common network management tasks including router configuration, switch port monitoring, directory access, VLAN administration, remote execution, etc.

Device Management
SNMP device monitoring and management capabilities, complete with SNMPv3 Security.

Remote Access
Secure Shell enabled remote execution using Rexec, Rshell, or SSH.

Directory Administration
Access Active Directory or OpenLDAP servers through LDAP Directory Access.

Email Send & Receive
Send HTML Emails or Emails with file attachments. Retrieve Email through POP or IMAP Connectivity.

File Transfer
File transfer capabilities through FTP, TFTP, & RCP connectivity.

Instant Messaging
Jabber Instant Messaging, SMS messaging, and Alphanumeric Paging.

Network Monitoring
Listen and react to SNMP Traps and Syslog event messages or access raw Ethernet Packet captures.

Access to Web Services
Connect to web services through HTTP and RSS client capabilities.

DNS Configuration
Monitor DNS and other network configuration changes.

Encoding / Decoding
A complete array of utility encoding and decoding capabilities including MIME, UUEncoding, URL, Hex, etc.

Zip Compression
File compression including password protection, AES Encryption, and 4GB+ archive support.


Posted March 28, 2008 by Robert Smit [MVP] in System Center Operations Manager

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