Operations Manager 2007: Export Management Packs   3 comments

In Operations Manager 2005, there was a executable called "ManagementModeUtil.exe" to export management packs to file, using the command line. This was especially useful in situations where you would wanna do a separate backup of your management packs, instead of the whole OnePoint database. At first sight, in Operations Manager 2007, there is no tool available to do just that. Fortunately, you can use PowerShell for this. Here you find a sample Powershell script that exports all management packs that have SQL in their name:

param ($serverName)

add-pssnapin "Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.OperationsManager.Client";

set-location "OperationsManagerMonitoring::";

new-managementGroupConnection -ConnectionString:$serverName;

set-location $serverName;

$sql_mps = Get-ManagementPack | where{$_.Name -match ‘SQL’}

foreach($mp in $sql_mps)
export-managementpack -ManagementPack:$mp -Path:"c:"

Copy this contents to a file called "ExportManagementPacks.ps1" and run the following command to start the actual script:

  • Powershell.exe ExportManagementPacks.ps1 -ServerName:localhost
  • Source : http://www.techlog.org/


    Posted January 24, 2007 by Robert Smit [MVP] in OpsMgr 2007

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