Jalasoft Xian Network Manager IO   2 comments

This night I Joint the converence meeting at Jalasoft (http://www.jalasoft.com/jalasoftweb/jsp/index.jsp)

This was all about the Xian Network Manager Io and the Xian Io Smart Management Pack Generator





Remember it is still beta but it looks great. To bad the demo was with Opsmgr 2007 RC1😉




The Tool looks great, the first demo was about monitoring a cisco device, this was easy to manage by port or by traffic rule , syslog filters are in place and you can easy change the alert ( error, informational etc) or change the community string.


You can easy see the uptime or down time of your device see (www.aca-computers.nl/blogimages/Jalasoft-io/jalasoft-04.JPG)

Monitoring the cpu of the switch based on custom policy’s or use default made templates ( import /export feature )


There are several monitoring solutions , also manage your device over the internet( vpn or site server )


You can find screen shots here and here:












Posted December 20, 2006 by Robert Smit [MVP] in OpsMgr 2007

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