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Dhananjay Mahajan gave a presentation about Client Monitoring with OpsMgr 2007. Client Monitoring is an interesting new feature of OpsMgr 2007. Client Monitoring with OpsMgr 2007 offers flexible monitoring depending on your needs for client monitoring.

  • Agentless Exception Monitoring (no agent is needed)
  • Collective Client Monitoring (agent is needed)
  • Business critical Client Monitoring (agent is needed)

When should you use what? You would probably use Agentless Exception Monitoring for large number of clients (Enterprise wide) where you want to monitor application and OS crashes. You can manage the flow of Error Reporting to the OpsMgr 2007 console and track issues with errors happening on your clients. Collective Client and Business critical Client Monitoring you would probably use in smaller environments or for smaller groups and is more pro-actively monitoring the client. With these ways of monitoring you are able aggregate data. The Business critical Client Monitoring is used for business critical clients (or clients that run business critical apps) and help solving problems with deeper monitoring and alerting capabilities. You can even add Auditing with the use of Client monitoring.

Why should you use Client Monitoring in the first place? Client Monitoring should reduce the TCO of Windows and IW applications according to Microsoft.



Posted November 15, 2006 by Robert Smit [MVP] in OpsMgr 2007

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